Keep Your AC in Good Working Order

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Keep Your AC in Good Working Order

Want to keep your air conditioner operating efficiently for as long as possible? Sure, you can call out a professional for ac repair services fresno ca but why endure these costs when you can maintain the unit and avoid the need for repairs? Read below to learn some of the best ways to keep your AC working its best for the longest time to come.

Clean & Dirt-Free

Do not allow debris, brush, twigs, leaves, etc. compound in the condenser unit of the HVAC system. These things can accumulate and clog the condenser and cause a plethora of problems that stop the unit from working the way that it should. It causes the unit to work harder and depletes its lifetime, too.

Filter Changes

Every AC needs a new filter when the old one gets dirty. When the filter is changed, it allows the proper airflow and efficiency in the home. How often should you change the filter? Most people need to change the filter monthly but some go longer. Refer to your owner’s manual to learn when to change your filters.

Clean Coils Matter

Keep the coils clean because when if they get dirty, it reduces the air flow of the unit and causes many other problems with the unit. A dirty environment causes the coils to become dirty. Along with dirt, the coils in the AC unit can bend, crack, or break, further causing trouble that should be repaired as soon as possible.

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Annual Preventative Maintenance Services

Schedule annual preventative maintenance service with a professional to keep the air conditioning unit working properly. Professionals come out to the home to provide this service, at which time they’ll provide a variety of services that ensure the unit is in the best condition or repair things that are not.  They inspect the unit, looking for frayed wires and other signs of damage and wear and tear. These problems are then repaired, minimizing the risk of unit damage and summer discomfort due to an improperly working unit.